Design Objective
Brand Design | Web Design
Choose a household object to draw and graphically reduce. Using the graphically reduced version of the object, create a logo and brand identity for a business. Create a brand identity package for the business, including a business card, letterhead template, and a social media page. Create a branded microsite that is separate from the company website, but would lead customers to the main website.
Creative Brief
The Dirt Bucket is a landscaping and lawn care company. The graphically reduced wheelbarrow is represented in the negative space of a lime green circle. The dirt is displayed in a brown color to make it stand out, and also has floral elements sprouting from the dirt to symbolize growth. The logotype is placed under the circle logo in the same lime green color, with “dirt” in the same brown color in the logo. The typeface chosen for the logotype is sans serif, which is similar to the linework in the wheelbarrow graphic. The microsite is an expansion of the branding and includes tips for keeping your lawn looking great between lawn care appointments, and a graphic that mirrors the brand and creates interest on the page.

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