Design Objective
Brand Design | Poster Design
To create a unique shop-local event and associated branding for the event. Expand the event concept and branding by creating an event map. The map should include a diagram
representation of all locations that the event will include, icons that correspond with the overall branding, and information about the event. 
Creative Brief
For this project, I based the event in Savannah, Georgia. The event is a one-day tour of the highlights of the city, including restaurants, a park, an art gallery, etc. The branding is classic and soft, to represent the historical nature of the city. The logo mark is a graphic of a popular fountain at a park in Savannah. This iconic image of the city ties the branding to the architectural history and the tour because the park is one of the event’s stops. The logotype is classical and pairs well with the stroke weight of the logomark. The map poster is an extension of the branding and includes the same color palette of blues and white while adding pops of yellow and green to give it some variation and interest. The additional colors help to create hierarchy and interest within the poster.

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