Design Objective
Package Design | Brand Design | Print Production
Work in a group to design a series of craft beer labels for a local brewery’s release of new craft beers. Research the business and establish a design concept to carry through the series. Design and produce collateral that would support the design concept and pitch the labels and collateral to the client
Creative Brief
The first step was to research other labels and the clients’ business as an entrepreneurial industry. The concept that was chosen highlights a part of history. Barn quilts were the inspiration for the theme of the overall series. Each of the six labels highlighted a symbol that was represented in a geometric, barn quilt style. Each can was differentiated by establishing the main color for each while keeping the typography and placement of items consistent throughout the series. After producing the beer can labels and applying them to cans for prototypes, some additional collateral pieces were added to support the concept. The series design was pitched to a panel that included the clients and faculty members from Catawba Valley Community College. After pitching the concept, our group was chosen, from a total of four groups, to work with the clients to implement the label designs and concept into their business. During this time, they decided it was also time to refresh their overall brand. A new primary logo and secondary logos were designed to represent the different avenues of their business.

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