Design Objective
Page Layout Design | Photo Manipulation
Design a four-page magazine spread and cover page for the Spring 2021 edition of Print Magazine. Use Adobe InDesign to design page layouts that present the given article and include appropriate photography and visual elements that relate to the article topic.
Creative Brief
This magazine spread has an eye-catching color palette of bright orange and teal. The main inspiration for this piece was the image of the eye presented on the magazine cover and the first page of the article. To make the color of the eye bold to fit the color palette and make all other aspects of the image black and white, Adobe Photoshop was used. This design choice emphasizes the color of the eye and helps keep the overall color palette consistent throughout the magazine spreads. All of the pages have triangular blocks of color to also maintain the consistency throughout. The cover features a Photoshop composite of multiple images to create interest in the article “Why We Need to Create AI That Thinks in Ways That We Can’t Even Imagine.

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