Design Objective
Rebranding | Production
To create a fresh new brand, recruitment plan, and marketing plan for the Advertising & Graphic Design (AGD) Program at Catawba Valley Community College. Two teams of seven students were tasked with creating solutions for the best version of the AGD Program and space. After brainstorming, designing, producing, and pitching the design team’s ideas to a panel of administration and AGD alumni, a team would be chosen to implement these changes in the program.
Creative Brief
As one of the members of the chosen team for the AGD Rebrand process, I was a part of a team that successfully provided solutions for the AGD Program. The selected group delivered a fresh new brand, new recruitment materials, and the mission statement “Design, Develop, Deliver” that will be carried out through all marketing efforts. This phrase embodies what the AGD Program represents: graphic design, personal development, professional skills, and a supportive environment! As a part of this team, I participated in brainstorming and ideation for the new brand, production of marketing materials for the presentation, and I also designed the style guide and the new project sheets for the program. For the implementation of this new brand, as a Creative Director, I led a team that refreshed the AGD physical space. We rearranged furniture to best fit the program, organized some areas in the space, designed and installed large window perf graphics that branded the space, pitched some other unique ways to enhance the space, and created a look book template for the program. 

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